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Hi Everybody, Welcome to Blogs1x2, today in this article we bring you the Best Laptops under 20K with reasons why they are the Best ? Well at 20K usually a Chrome book is a better deal as anyone searching for these low budget Laptops are of course not interested in gaming or any kind of heavy software work. Rather most of them are looking for a cheap and portable laptop for internet usage and office work. And for that, the Chrome books with their small size and Cheap Price fit best. But unfortunately, in India Chrome books are neither widely available nor popular and instead people have to settle with Laptops that come with low-end specs. So, we at All Blogging Tip have compiled a list of the Best Laptops that you can buy at a budget of around 20 thousend rupees. For your knowledge, Laptops at this budget usually come with low-end AMD or Intel Processors.

Laptops under 20  thousends - On the Basis of Processor Choice

The current best AMD processor you can get at this budget is the AMD A6 (6th Gen) which is far better than any of the Intel Processors you get. The usual Intel i3, i5 or i7 is way out of the question and you have to satisfy your needs with the Intel Pentium, Celeron or Atom Processors. The best from Intel at this budget is the Pentium processor followed by Celeron and last comes the Atom Processor. Now the Atom Processors are very low end and hence Best laptops that come with it, have been compiled in our article, Best laptops under Rs. 15000. In this article, only Pentium and Celeron laptops have been featured along with the better AMD processors.

                           Laptops With Intel Processer
“Intel Laptops” So, let’s start the list with our first pick that also happens to be the cheapest on our list, the Micromax Neo PQC Laptop. Priced at around Rs. 18,000, this laptop comes with the usual Pentium N3700 CPU and 500 GB Hard Disk. The feature that makes this laptop special is that it comes with the Genuine Windows 10 OS out of the box and you don’t have to go through the pain of installing windows yourself or count on its authenticity. Moreover, it is a 14” laptop and hence lightweight and portable than most of the other laptops featured in this list. So, if you want everything inside the box without much hassle at a low budget then this is the laptop you should go for.

The second Pick on our list is a very special laptop from Dell, the  Dell Vostro 15 3568 priced at around 20,000 rupees. Despite Pentium being superior to Celeron, this  Celeron laptop became our pick due to two reasons. Firstly, at this budget instead of Celeron N3350 CPU, which is usual in most laptops, this one comes with a slightly higher variant i.e. the Celeron 3855U of the (6th Generation). Secondly, it comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM, which for this budget is again unusual. In fact, this is the only laptop on this list to feature a DDR4 RAM. These upgrades make this laptop certainly worth the buy and a good competitor to the Pentium and AMD Laptops at this Budget.

The next pick on our list is the best that you can get while featuring an Intel CPU, the Acer ES 15 Notebook. This one is fairly priced at around Rs. 20,000 and features the best variant of Pentium available at this range, the Pentium N4200. Additionally, it features a massive 1TB HDD  to make all your storage possible at one place. The 15.6” laptop may feel bulky but with the best of everything, this one is definitely worth a buy especially for someone who prefers to get the best of Intel at this Budget.

With AMD Processor Laptops

Finally coming on to the AMD laptops, the best pick is the HP 245 G5 Notebook priced at 19,500 rupees. This laptop comes with the best processor available at this budget, the A6 7310. Along with this CPU, the laptop also features a 500 GB HDD with 7200 RPM. This makes the Hard Drive superior to any of the other hard drives that laptops in this list feature. Also, the 14” size of this laptop makes it more compact and portable than other 15” laptops. With a blazingly fast processor and Hard drive, this laptop certainly deserves the top spot.
Also, if you want an AMD Laptop with 1 TB HDD and 15.6” screen then you can go for the Lenovo Ideapad Laptop.  So, these were the best laptops available at a budget of Rs. 20,000 that we could find online. Do share this article with your friends.

Choice of Your selecting the Laptop

Simply narrow down your needs, budget and what you can compromise with and you’ll end up with the best one that suits you. To round it up again For Best Processor/Best hard drive and compact Notebook go with the HP 245 G5 Notebook For  Best Processor and 1 TB HDD go with the Lenovo Ideapad 110 Laptop For Best and Latest RAM go with the Dell Vostro 15 3568 And last but not least for best portable and cheapest Windows 10 Notebook go with the  Micromax Neo PQC Laptop Most of the laptops mentioned in this video come with a pre-installed  DOS.  So, you will have to install OS like Windows or Ubuntu yourself on them. Hope this video helps you in finding your ideal laptop under 20K.

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