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Let me ask you a quick question what are you doing right now literally what are you doing as we speak right now at this moment you're watching a video likely from the comfort of your own home on our old friend the Internet don't worry it's what I do all the time as well but if you're going to be watching videos

On the Internet why not get paid for it in this video we are going to be talking about how anyone anywhere can make up to five thousand you heard me correctly to five thousand dollars per month simply by watching videos stay tuned alright everyone so thank you so much for coming and watching this video it's going to be a very fun one if you're new here make sure you do

two things tap the like button and also that little red subscribe button down there somewhere around there and turn on notification bells why I'll tell you later but I promise you will be happy you did and the cool thing about this video is we are gonna take this strategy to the next level we're gonna show you how to actually make a real business where you can scale this to you

know five thousand dollars per month or even more leveraging a simple strategy and just literally by watching videos so let's get into this step one and the basis of this strategy is there are companies out there that have you know tens of millions hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars all of these companies that have all of this software all of these

things that need usability testing they need you know ux/ui testing they need people real people out there to actually go out use their stuff and then show you know what their actual experience was using that particular product so the product can be improved and it can be made better you better usable easier to use easier for a beginner to just pick up and start using right away and

so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take advantage of that and these companies are willing to pay if it's amount of money literally to have somebody come in and test the test the product test the software for bugs you know gather data fixes upgrades this is the one strategy that you can scale it to the next level and

actually start to earn a full-time income using just what we're gonna teach you right now and so there are a lot of different sites that do something similar to this right like user thing validate Liam to Intel assume user zoom what users do testing time all of these different actual sites that offer something similar the one that we're going to be talking about today is actually called you

test write the letter you test it's a software and testing feedback hosting company that uses you know freelance testers it basically crowd sources just like from people like you and me it crowd sources you know a billion-dollar industry which is testing the usability and finding bugs in these billion dollar or

multi-billion dollar companies they basically have unlimited budgets I've been able to do that so you test has been around for a long time you know it's a very trusted company you know there's testing sites that pay tiny amounts of money like ten cents per test but the average test on you test pays ten dollars or more every

single test some pay up to 75 or even 150 dollars per test that I've seen and some of the tests can take as little as you know five to ten minutes so you test pays out over twenty million dollars every single year you know for people that are just casually using it casually browsing the site and using the strategy that we're about to teach you in just a second twenty million

dollars per year so let's actually jump into my screen and take a closer look at exactly how this works the first thing you want to do is actually head over to you test comm and join you test right you want to fill out your information and things like that one of the strategies that you know my students have been having

a lot of success with actually being able to earn more is using a VPN right a virtual private network to actually join this site and you know you use the VPN as if you lived in the United States because if you live in the United States or if you live somewhere else they're gonna pay you more for being a United States residents just literally automatically based on where your

computer says you live right because they have to pay people in the USA more because the cost of living sire so that's of you know the first hack that we're going to talk about to make significantly more money just by using a virtual private network and you can just google search free VPN to be able to do that so that's step one and we're gonna go into another step where you can

really scale this up into a business so once you actually sign up this is what you test looks like inside of the inside of the actual platform itself so you can see here that they have the Academy the Academy basically teaches you you know welcome to you test what is the plaza test it teaches you about the community management team a positive reputation right test

cycles payments projects and testing ratings you can see that it says you'll be paid for each of your approved bugs and test cases within a you test paid project the amount of money you're paid for a bug or test case depends on multiple factors including the cycle you are participating in quality of bugs you find and your rating tier right and so as you start to get better and better at this you'll get invited to more and more

lucrative projects that are gonna pay you more and more money to actually do that so this is the Academy you can see that you know there's five hundred and twenty nine comments thank you people are saying you know it's a really active community which is pretty fun you can see that you know they have get getting started they have all these different things payment

instrument testing usability testing accessibility of Amazon Alexa voice testing Amazon Alexa is massive right now device log security testing miscellaneous right so they teach you about all of these things that you know you can actually use to start making more money using you test teaches you about Amazon Alexa device models all these different things and so then once you've actually gone through the Academy you

can come over to where it says projects and you can see that they actually have active projects that are listed right here that you can actually apply for mobile health app testing and Sweden tech savvy developer referral program and you can actually come in here and click the projects board and you can see all these different projects that you can actually take advantage of you know 200 euro referral bonus right referral

program for payment instrument project all of these different things right so many different projects that you can actually take advantage of you can get paid more for the urgent projects especially if you use the United States like I said you can see that this one is June 4th they also have ones that are June 17th in the future that you can apply for in advance which are pretty cool so they have a lot of different you know projects that

you can use and basically the only thing you need to do to be successful with this is have some type of either phone right Android iOS or computer that you can actually use in an active internet connection and then you can make significant amounts of money right first I've seen some tests that are ten minutes long where you can make $75 but the way that you actually be

successful with this is you are detail oriented right when you're using the app when you're using the project just say what's happening right like I'm logging in it makes a lot of sense right I know exactly where to click you know and you're literally narrating how you're actually using the particular tool and so that is how you use the project's tab inside of you test and

they also have a community board you see right here where you know there's a lot of people who are super active which is cool right because it's a very active community which means that you know it's much less likely that it would be anything sketch again they pay over 20 million dollars every single year to testers just like you and me 20 million dollars that's crazy they're

 paying that right and they still need to make a profit as a company themselves and so everything that we just talked about is basically step one right what it is why it's important how you can get paid how you actually do it step two is kind of understanding how you actually scale it into a full-time income because there are some problems with this particular business model

usually which come down to the fact that there aren't enough tests to be able to actually turn it into a full-time income so before we move on to step two it's important to acknowledge that there are a few other reputable and notable companies that do similar stuff right and the thing that I would do if I was trying to turn this into a full-time income is I would make a

profile on all of the ones that are reputable that are actually gonna pay you for your time right that aren't going to waste your time and those basically in order are user testing com validate lis Intel assume user zoom what users do testing time right and the one that we just discussed is you test so I would literally make an account on every single one of those and I would

sign up to every single project we're gonna talk about the strategy that I would use to really scale this in a second but really quick I do want to give a shout out to our daily comment winner who is rich toy who says dude you should learn ASL and make all those hand motions functional you could really cater to the hearing-impaired no hate it would legit be super

awesome so yeah guys I mean if you haven't noticed I'm really um you know passionate about using my hands I have a lot of energy which is why I'm so you know I'm always so energetic to show you guys exactly how to utilize these strategies so you're right I do move my hands around a lot maybe I should learn some sign language or some ASL or something like that we'll put

 it on the the to do list which is about six miles long so rich toy congratulations on the combat shout out if you want to be our next comment winner all you have to do is two simple things tap the like button on this video and then make sure you tap subscribe turn on the notification bells so that you'll be the first to note why because we always choose our Comment winner in the

first 60 seconds because we want to appreciate the real fans of the channel and all the work that we're doing and so now let's actually get into step 2 which is how you scale this into a full-time income like I said before you want to utilize all of the different forms of user testing user testing calm validate lead calm and tell assume user zoom what users do testing time and you test if you have accounts on all of those different

platforms and then you're gonna be able to get a lot more projects you're gonna be able to apply to a lot more things if you use a virtual private network write a VPN saying that you live in the United States right it's all an automatic process they don't check anything then you're gonna get more high value projects and as you get better at recording you know bugs and usability and what you're doing with the particular app or

software or service you'll start to get paid more you'll start to get invited to more you more expensive tests where they're gonna pay you more money for less time that's how you really scale this into a business that and another strategy that I would use is you can hire virtual assistants right for $2 an hour off of off of wherever and you can actually hire them to do these

 tests for you if you make like 8 different profiles that all the most reputable versions of this particular software service right where you're getting paid to test things out to find bugs and stuff like that sometimes what happens is you're getting too many projects and you can't actually fulfill all of them and so what you do is you hire virtual assistants for $2 an hour to help you actually do this same thing once you get better at it and then when you hire the virtual assistants for $2 $3 an

 hour then you can actually manage a team of people you can do multiple projects all at the same time and as you get better and better and better at it you'll start to get more and more projects and if you're signed up to all the different websites at once you'll get eight you know eight times as many projects and you can have a virtual assistant help you and you can pay a virtual

assistant two to three dollars and they'll make you 20 to 30 dollars per hour just doing you know this particular strategy that we've talked about and so the cool thing is if you're signed up to all of these websites and you have you know a virtual assistant or two who you've taught how to actually do this once you get better at it um you can make you know $100 plus $100 $150 every single hour doing this and you can turn it into a full-time

income and again there's going to be two types of people in the comments the people that are hating and never try it or never give it a chance at all the keyboard warriors who are living in their mom's basement who love to talk you know what and there's gonna be the people who actually try the strategy and try other strategies on my channel like Amazon FBA like Shopify like SM MA using Facebook Ads through creating a digital course those are the people who I care about.
Thanks Love you All !
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