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Hello friends welcome to another Post here tutorials point with me to charm today in this particular module we will talk about mind mapping, well mind mapping is a subject which is taken the world by a lot of strong which means that people are now wanting to understand what is mind mapping as it was definitely going to be a revolution into learning as well as solving problems. 
let's take a look at what is there on the agenda today we will talk about how to you know explain the meaning of mind mapping the uses of mind mapping identify the steps involved in drawing a particular mind map explain the structure of a mind map benefits of mind map as well as tony bisman and mind mapping well this is a particular module which will definitely be of interest to you if you are somebody who likes to understand things in a lot of subjective way. well the meaning and the purpose of the word mind mapping means it is a creativity and productivity enhancing technique that can improve the learning and efficiency of individuals and organization. it is a very diagrammatic way of learning about things which will help you to enhance your creativity as well as productivity. it is a revolutionary system for capturing ideas and insights on a piece of paper well the term mind mapping was used very very frequently by a gentleman known as tony buzan well tony buzan was born on 2nd june 1942 and he was an english author as well as an educational consultant boozin popularized the idea of mental literacy and thinking technique which was known as mind mapping earlier used by donado the will see as well as many many others well. tony buzan came up with this mind mapping or or rather the way of thinking that human brain doesn't think in terms of lists and tools and menu lists. it thinks organically like all natural forms like human bodies circle tree and nervous system or the branches of the tree or the you know want to leave the winds, which are there that's how the brain works when to think well it needs the tool that reflects the natural flow and that is why he said that our human brain functions in a way different way it functions or it you know sees more in terms of pictures and diagrams and that's what helps to retain better in our human mind because a human mind is photography by nature well to start with mind mapping. here's what he suggests start in the center with the image of the topic using at least three colors so take a piece of paper and write the topic the main subject of which you want to draw a mind map of use images symbols and codes and dimensions throughout your mind map. your mind map should not have body sentences or essays and paragraphs it has to be very very short to the point crisp absolutely in code symbols and science select keywords and print using pick upper or lower case letters some more rules by him is each water image must be alone and sitting on its own line that is why it should not get confusing for people each line that you have there should be only one image or one letter on that the lines must be connected starting from the central image the central lines are thicker organic and flowing become thinner as they keep radiating out from the center. which I'm going to show it to you in a couple of slides from now you will see the exact picture of what we are trying to see so the lines and the center are thicker and as they move out they become thinner and thinner make the lines the same length as the word or the image the lines should not be bigger and the word or image should not be smaller it has to be of the same length this is what we mean to say by using different colors, so use colors use your own code throughout the mind map you should use the colors and symbols and signs that you are comfortable with because that will help you to comprehend your life you know your mindmap much better develop your own personal style and your way of dealing with mind mapping use emphases and show associations in your mind map keep the mind map clear by using radial hierarchy numerical order and our clients to embrace your branches as you can see over. here he has put himself mr. Tony Buzan has pushed himself in the middle he's got so he's the main subject and out of him the center is coming out various branches - like branches of a tree each having a particular subtopic and after those subtopics there are many other subtopics kind of thing and as you can see the lines and the middle opteka towards the center going out the lines become thinner in different different colors well uses of mind mapping in fact today or nowadays in the competitive world that we are living in a lot of students are using mind mapping to study in a more better and organized manner it helps you to organize plan and strategize. your study material as well so uses of mind mapping is it helps you note-taking it helps you to brainstorm together if you are working in a team you need to brainstorm together you can use a mind map for that it also helps in solving problems you are able to solve problems in a very very organic manner and not get lost in the problem itself studying and memorization and last but not the least it also helps you in planning out whatever you need planning for weather on the personal front or on the professional lines so these are certain uses of mind mapping certain more users are researching and consolidating information from multiple sources. it also helps you to present your information in a very nice presentable and non kind of a difficult to understand kind of a manner gaining insight on complex subjects at times we may get a little fearful of complex subjects so how do you study complex subjects by using mind mapping jogging your creativity as you mentioned before mind mapping helps you to up your quotient of creativity well how do you draw a mind map. you do not have to get scared or fearful thinking it looks too complicated or confusing well start in the middle of a blank page writing or drawing the idea that you intend to develop so at the very center should be a main idea or the main module or subject which you want to develop second is you develop the related subtopics around the central topic and you need to connect each of these different subtopics to the center line by drawing thick lines repeat the same process for the subtopics generating lower-level top subtopics as you see fit connecting each of them to the corresponding subtopic and hence it becomes important that like a tree branches out two sub branches in the same way your mind map has to be there this is one of the example of mind map structure you have your main subject or topic in the middle which has different lines going out in four direction which are the topics and under this you have the subtopics, which is North's idea and keyword so this is one example of how a mind map structure should look like as you can see over here there are no images or there are no confusing things around it it's very simple only keywords and not worry sentences another example of mind mapping is this you put on your mean topic over here and then you have different lines going out which get you into the subtopic and then the sub topic post that as well well what are the benefits of mind mapping as I have told you so much about what mind mapping is and the uses of mind mapping let's take a look at the benefits well mind mapping helps you to view better it takes in the larger or the bigger picture easily and quickly at a glance well if you present a mind map structure to somebody the person gets a holistic view of looking at the entire diagram and understanding at a macro level it also helps you to recollection which means the visual nature of mind maps allows for easy recall and a little while back I also mentioned that our human brain is photography by nature we learn how to associate it with image and pictures better rather than written things or what many many wordy things it also has seen simplifications so you can actually simplify complex data and that's another benefit of mind mapping some more benefits it helps you in fluidity you can add arrays edit change information without altering the entire map so whatever you need edits or genome changes you can just quickly erase it and put in your new things it also helps you to collaborate and work together with different teams or different people it helps you in creativity you can enjoy our creative juices can be you know will be flowing out once you sit at a mindmap because it gets so in you get so engrossed in it and it's such a beautiful exercise because it helps you to get out of your you know get you into your creative zone flexibility well in fact anything and everything on this planet can be mind map so that's being you know adaptable and flexible well to conclude this particular module on mind mapping. I'd just like to quickly run you through this mind mapping can increase the creativity as well as efficiency of individuals mind mapping can be used for note-taking for problem solving for planning for brainstorming etc benefits includes being flexible fluidity creativity simplification collaboration viewing as well as recollection Tony Buzan who I mentioned earlier is an English author and an education consultant popularized the idea of mental literacy also known as mind mapping well friends I hope you have enjoyed listening to this particular module on mind mapping , well I do hope you will learn to use mind mapping in order to you know understand it even better please go ahead and start practicing it thank you very much for watching us keep watching more videos coming your way...

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