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We’re bums and videos this is kind of weird I don’t know if it’s weird for you but it’s weird for me hey guys its Ruiz in today’s video I’m basically sharing with you all of my study tips and things that helped me study things actually get me to study and overall just how I study want to say study one more time so I know a lot of you aren’t even in school yet and probably those who are in school haven’t even had a test yet but
basically this video is just a reference video to go back during the school year whenever you need help with studying cuz I’m here I got you make sure you check out all my social media linked below Pinterest Instagram Twitter Tumblr everything I probably got it so just check it out if you’re wondering where you want to find me if you like this video make sure to give it a
thumbs up and otherwise let’s get started you want to find a comfortable space to work in that’s quiet and distraction free so you can get all your work done I love working at my desk because it’s right in front of the window and it provides a lot of light and also I can light all my books out in front of me like doesn’t that just
make you want to work look how clean that is you don’t want something that’s too comfortable though such as your bed because this might happen I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep while studying the next thing you want to do is put away all of your distractions yes I’m talking to you get off
Instagram lock it there you go put it away good job you want to break up your studying into chunks so that’s easier to manage so you have a week until the test the first couple days study all of the hard stuff and just try to memorize it and the last couple of days review everything that you studied I actually have a blog post on my planner that you can check out in the
description bar below but also you want to write a list for all the things that you need to do that night starting with the hardest or maybe the most amount of work first and then move on to the easier stuff set a timer for 30 minutes so you can work for that amount of time and study use my other tips later in the video and
basically this is the time you’re gonna study and do all your homework or whatever you need to do and after the timer goes off then you can take a five or ten minute break on your phone or doing whatever cannot stress this enough but studying is not memorizing studying is basically taking the hard stuff that you’re learning and being able to interpret it into life
situations so maybe replace certain scenarios with different ones that are more understanding okay so a triangle is like a pizza slice and then when you take a bite of the pizza slice it decreases the area of it like there’s less Pizza which is sad but when you take a chunk off the triangle then decreases the area of a triangle that makes so much sense my favorite study tip is pretend that you’re teaching your studies to
someone else because then you can find all the things that you don’t know while you’re saying them aloud and then go back and view them later okay so basically the Underwood’s Simmons Act to reduce the tariff of raw materials and manufactured goods and at the late 18-hundreds where I’m trying to teach you something here how would I shared the same tip in my note-taking video which you can click to watch but I love
having a separate piece of paper to write down questions so I can go back the next day and ask my teacher what are the questions you need to remember something specific use acronyms poems and songs to help you is it okay so the order of operations is PEMDAS parentheses exponents multiplication division addition subtraction yeah it’s really hot in here and I’m going crazy one word flashcards you’re probably sick
from hearing everyone mentioned flashcards but they’re only talked about because they work flashcards are definitely a proven studying method I have to clean this all up darn it they were all in number order – oh my god why did I just do that and sometimes you need to treat yourself while studying because studying is hard and takes a lot of time and you might get hungry during it I love snacking on fruits and arrangements of
like peanuts and stuff because they’re easy just to pop in your mouth and maybe you can have fun with them too I can’t even put it in this is not sponsored but I just really really loved this peanut blend okay that’s enough bye that is it for my video I hope you guys enjoyed if you got something out of there if it helped you at all
make sure you comment below and keep this video a thumbs up because I like helping you guys out so help me out by giving a thumbs up I literally get so into my movements like I’m like otherwise I hope you guys have a great day and stay tuned to the next video peace.
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