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Hey guys and welcome back to your video ignore the mess in the background so today is my last day in the u.s. I’ve been here for a week working mostly everyday everyday yeah and today is my last day so that means that I’m going to go shopping and eat all the food and have some fun before I leave tomorrow is just basically gonna be a big ole day of traveling but before then I want to buy a couple of things that I can get back in
Europe so now we have to wait for this thing to buzz they have new ones last time I was here there were some older ones and this whole place looks like it’s renovated so this is what I got this is like a hibiscus fresca this is an avocado BLT with turkey a chicken noodle soup and a baguette so this is what Panera looks like it’s pretty awesome I mean I’d eat this every day if I could [Music] oh it’s really windy but we’re out our next step and that is well to be precise it’s super target but you know who’s counting would you caramel for these M&Ms; Marc are you always super weird always
American products usually t-shirts products such as cushions that advertise that you can sit on an egg America is also a true pioneer in fake succulents which obviously I’m getting Sour Patch Kids everyone to try these look them up in Europe so I have to take like all the bags that they have literally Swedish fish also really good my cousin just active cook Twizzlers today also I personally don’t really love them but some people do
Hershey’s chocolate really popular with my mom and my girlfriend obviously also have to take the bars they like the almond ones the most I admit it’s good chocolate but I prefer Reese’s and they also have like multiple different types of M&Ms; which in Europe I’ve only ever seen like the normal ones and like the peanut ones the US probably also has the largest frozen food section ever it goes like multiple aisles but some of the best frozen food is obviously ice cream and the best ice cream that you can only get in the US I think is the
Breyers all of them are so good I only bought like one tub while I was here and I already ate all of it in like three days but these are the best and they have so many different flavors also all of these toppings like hello I need this in my life yes please but like actually yes please because I’m taking a classic Hershey’s chocolate syrup with me they also have this thing called pink lemonade which is basically a mixture of cranberry juice and lemonade but you can buy it in like
powder form which I really love so this is going with me I also recently started craving cheez-its and I ate like a whole box of these in less than a week so I’m taking one with me as well and they obviously have like tons of different Oreos which we only have like one or two the classic ones but look I never had this cookie that sounds good cream cheese mint I want to try like all of these but I don’t good I’m gonna take the back of these coconut ones I really love double stuff but I’m not gonna take those because we have those huh probably
actually gonna take these cinnamon cookie ones these look pretty good an American classic kraft mac and cheese so i have to get like a box for my cousin he asked me for them and then i have to get a box for myself cuz I’m all out also I’m just gonna take those all of these are also really good but if I only have to pick one I’m gonna take the cropped ones otherwise the
Annies ones are really good and Velveeta oh those are so good but I only have a limited amount of stuff I can put my suitcase and look at my shopping cart already it’s almost totally full also just like the sheer amount of seasonings is surprising I know that’s probably not interesting for most of you but like you have a premade seasoning for everything in the world next up is sriracha sauce I think you can actually get this some
places in Europe but it’s super expensive here it’s like three dollars for this big thing so yes and then relish this is the best thing to put onto hotdogs sweet relish why’s it not focusing yeah okay you see if this is life and if you don’t know what this is it’s basically just like you Humber’s but it’s doesn’t I don’t know it doesn’t taste like you pickles not cucumbers pickles um it’s like ya pick holds pickles in a sauce another classic and
Jemima pancake syrup no these are like I want original there we go all this sugar this is the best thing to put on pancakes ever actually miss butter butter works pretty good – I haven’t had her in a while hmm I don’t know which one to take I’ll just take both also marshmallow fluff it’s basically marshmallow and a cream type spread and its really good to make like fruit dips with it so like dip strawberries in here it is so good my parents also like Folgers coffee so I’m just gonna bring back a
little can of this okay so I think it’s better for me to just leave right now because my cart is so full I do not know where I’m going to put all of this food into my suitcase I spent too much I think I have the target curse of just buying everything that they have even though I don’t actually eat it and with everything also a couple of things that I didn’t show you like your towels stuff like
that that I wanted to get it totaled at like 150 for just the food for just the stuff that I showed you mostly which I’m not proud I mean like I knew I was buying a lot of food but that’s funny on basically so people are gonna help me eat it because if I eat the soul and I’m gonna be obese in less than a week I mean I’ll get over it probably in like less than a day or like in two days but I really hope that this is going to fit into my suitcase because if it doesn’t I have no idea what I’m gonna do
obviously I’m super stubborn so I took all of this stuff in one carry up to my room this is so heavy another thing you can’t buy in Europe but you can in the u.s. is Chipotle I got myself a burrito bowls basically like kind of make your own burrito type of place and I got a burrito so I’m going to eat that for lunch so it’s a little later the lighting is terrible but I do want to talk about one more thing so you know before I said mac and
cheese was like an American classic well walmart sells these bowls of and cheese by Panera and it’s like pre-made mac and cheese everything’s in there already so you just open it up stick it in at microwave warm it up and you can eat it and it is delicious it is so I know I said that lots of things are so delicious today this is one of the last things that I wanted to mention that is really really good I won’t be bringing this back with me because it is a liquid and I don’t want to put it in a
suitcase but I will be eating this right now so I’ll be putting this in the microwave and heating it up and also another thing the Breyers ice cream that I was talking about I have the Oreo with real helman milk so good it’s so good a lot of times a couple of other things that I have in my fridge that I do have to eat that I can take with me but you can’t get them in Europe fresh carrots fresh baby carrots I mean okay so some of this
stuff you may be able to get in like the UK Australia even maybe some other countries like Germany or stuff but for the most part I don’t know in the country that I live in we don’t have baby carrots at least not fresh ones you can get frozen ones but it’s not the same you can snack on the B’s with like ranch dips so also you can get ranch also won’t be taking that with me like stuff like dr. pepper you know I can’t buy this back at
home like dr. pepper or yeah basically like lots of different things I just have like leftover pizza left in the fridge I’m not going to show you because it’s really dry and they have to throw it out shortly um yes well let me just put this in the microwave and I’ll show you guys what it looks like when it comes out now look at that Lois Curie mac and cheese hmm can’t wait to dive in this exact but that is basically it for this video if you
liked it personal like button press subscribe and press the bell notification button if you want to see more thank you guys so much for watching I’m gonna go back now and get ready to leave tomorrow morning.
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