What the Affiliate Marketing is ? How Can i Start Online Business

I mentioned before I'm gonna be telling you the secret of how to start an online business with affiliate marketing by following just five simple steps. By the way, it is read to the end of this article because in the end I'm gonna tell you something really special the secrets that the super affiliates are not telling you. How they're crushing it every single time they promote a product but first what is affiliate marketing. What I'm suggesting you go ahead and start making money online with affiliate marketing the beauty about.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is this is a business model that you can start doing it right away because you do not need to create a product. You don't need you to know to be scratching your head like okay what the payment processor then I'm gonna start doing I don't know how to create a product no your only job is to refer people to someone else products they can be a physical product it can be a digital product or it can be a service, okay my advice is that you need to own the product because you need to understand whats the quality okay it is a good quality how smooth if someone decided to go ahead and buy it if they do have a question what about the quality of the customer service its addressed.

How To Start  Online Business With Affiliate Marketing - Five Important Points

So my suggestion is to go ahead and purchase a product that you're thinking about promoting it is not mandatory. I know a lot of people out there saying like hey you do not need to buy it but this is just my personal opinion. This is according to my experience you're gonna get way better these results if you know everything about the product okay so your only job its to drive traffic to send people who are already interested in that product. Okay, so they are gonna make the purchase you are not gonna take care of the customer service you are not gonna process the payment. Nope, that's it okay that the reason why I suggest you go ahead and start with a Fiat marketing. You can do this part-time okay because you just need to focus on driving traffic you can start it as soon as you finish this article.

1. Create a website or blog or Youtube Channel

If you have a website or Youtube channel, you can still Affiliate Marketing but if you have a website or youtube channel then it is easy for you to do affiliate marketing. One of the things that I suggest you are the very first step is that you need to create a website or you need to have a YouTube channel. If you can have both you need to have a place in which you're gonna be creating content. Okay, you need to have a place in which you can create content if you decide to go ahead and create a website you can start with WordPress If you decide like hey you know that sounds too technical go ahead and create your YouTube channel. If you are scared to be in front of the camera forget about that or start recording just powerpoints Gatewood time try to introduce yourself to the camera. YouTube is the second best thing after you know it is talking with someone in person it is easy to create a relationship with someone who is watching you on your YouTube channel. So that's my recommendation if you can have a boat go ahead with both you can just only create a website and buy.

By the way but a website me a blog because you're gonna be creating articles content go ahead and do it the second step is that you need to choose in each. Okay you need to choose in each I know it can be super tempting there is a lot of products out there really good quality but the truth is that you cannot promote everything. If you try to do it you will not make any money okay so if you choose in each let say that you are in the weight loss industry but maybe you're gonna do something a little bit deeper your target audience is gonna be a woman. okay, who want to lose weight you can you know to communicate with them in their own jargon. You can build a relationship with them and you're gonna have a better conversion rate so that means that the people you are gonna send to the offer.

2. Build an audience

Audience are very important part of Affiliate Marketing. They're gonna purchase because they are already establishing a relationship with you. They know that every single thing that you promote is related to their problem or their interests. So I suggest you choose a niche in which you're at least interest in because you know you need to create content do you need to be doing Lloyd updating articles updated blog posts create content and around that niche okay and you need to match a problem with a solution okay so if so that's really important on why I suggest you go ahead with a niche pick a product or service to promote again I suggest you to at least give it a try if you cannot afford it usually some products can offer you like a review copy or they can offer you some kind of free trial test it out good places in which you can actually check out our products.

3. Choose from various Affiliate Marketing Platform

It can be on Clickbank you can go to share sale or you can go to Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc again try to choose products s that are gonna be 100% related to your niche if I know it's gonna be really tempted there are thousand even a hundred of thousands of brothers out there who are really good but if you really want to make this like you know like a full-time career or you want to have a full-time income try to choose the products that are gonna be related to your niche by the way

Once you have the product its time to create valuable content in your niche if you don't know okay yeah I feel passionate about this but I don't feel that I'm an expert you already are okay your are already an expert you just need to do a google research on google or check out YouTube okay you're gonna learn something you're gonna do it and you're gonna page is okay there are more people than don't know about a topic and because you're doing their research and you are learning on a daily basis you are already an expert okay you don't need to be some kind of gurus you don't need to be some kind of know-it-all okay to create a relationship with your audience.

4. Create effective Content

You just need to create Balaban content on a daily basis and let me tell you something really important the reason why I told you that you need to choose a niche English you feel passionate about its because of this because you need to create content on a daily basis okay this is not a spring this is a marathon, okay most of the people do not have overnight success and most of the people are not making money online not because they can because they decide to quit, So take that into consideration making a commitment with your success and go-ahead.

5. Drive traffic

You need to drive traffic to your offer. Okay from the content you already wrote or you record and you upload it to YouTube. You need to drive traffic to your offer it can be adding the link in the description it can be adding the links in the articles don't forget to put a call to action you need to create a capture page that capture page is gonna be something simple in which you're gonna be asking people their name their email and you're gonna give them something for free you can create these landing pages or this capture pages with Korra or with Bill drill if you want to check it out and give it a try I gonna leave a link below so you can get access to a free trial they do have already the templates so you do not need to have any kind of technical knowledge.

I want you to take that into consideration so you do not need to have any kind of technical knowledge you don't need to be a graphic designer you are just literally gonna grab the template or the templates right you're gonna check that out chooses the one that you really love but please make sure that you're gonna be offering something for free if you don't know what to offer for free if you're promoting a software it can be a free trial if you are promoting something like an e-book or something most of the time whenever you have a really or you find out a really successful product its because they offer you already what we call the lead magnet which is usually an e-book or it can be a PDF or it can be a cheat sheet it can be a small article course the owner of the product or the product creator he or she already has it.
So please make sure to ask and by the way if you go for example to Clickbank there is something that they call the affiliate page please make sure to choose a product that do you have an affiliate page because they're gonna provide you all of this okay so the only thing that you need to do is sign up on cultural and build your builder landing page remember you do not need to have any kind of technical knowledge and it really important you see that you need to do follow-ups if you decide to go again with cars or builder or builder all they do have their own email autoresponder if you don't want to use their email responder for whatever reason my recommendation is to go with Aweber.

I'm gonna leave a link in this article why its really important to get capture peoples emails because people don't buy right away it used to be that way but not anymore they need to have you know they need to have some kind of relationship with you they already read your article they are ready you know read your blog posts they know you're an expert they understand that this product might be the best fit for them may be no okay so they need to have more information about it most of the time people bought a buy a product after they see that's the message number seven there are other people who are not gonna buy that product but because you already have their email addresses.
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