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If you approach the right affiliate company ideally somebody who hasn't been selling affiliates forever they're going to have all the marketing materials in place you'll have case studies that you can leverage you'll have by the way if you want the system that we're covering in this video as a free checklist grab the link in the description you can have a PDF of everything we talked about what are the best small businesses to start I'll let you know a lot of entrepreneurs that watch this,
Post for a while are trying to make enough money on their side hustles or make enough money from their businesses so they can quit their full-time jobs actually just had a kid ping me on Instagram.
Recently and he was trying to get free consulting from me which by the way pay people for their time he was trying to get free consulting for me and one of his negotiation tactics was talking about how I should help him for free because he has 30 days to make rent and he doesn't have a job right now and my advice to him was go get a job if you're acting from a position of needing the money that badly you're going to be making a bunch of rash decisions that are going to kill you in the long run you'll go for quick money and it's going to hurt you however let's say you are going for quick money what are the best small businesses to start regardless of your passion regardless of all this stuff.
Well that is what I want to talk about in this video step by step by step I will show you the easiest business to start and then aggressively get a little harder until you're able to supplement your full-time income and become an entrepreneur as the French call it let's start with the easiest first the easiest way to make money online is through affiliate deals based on other people's services what that means is you go and find a business that already exists ideally not a multi-level marketing company or something like that and you send them a cold email asking to sell their service or their product on commission that's how I started when I was firstgetting into entrepreneurship for this most recent run which is lasted like for five years.
Now I started with a social media company and I was off their service they would give me I think a ten or fifteen percent commission on sales and the reason why I say that affiliates are the easiest to get into it's because if you approach the right affiliate company ideally somebody who hasn't been selling affiliates forever they're going to have all the marketing materials in place you'll have case studies that you can leverage you'll have past clients you can intro to and there's a Sales System they can plug them right into they might even pay you to just book meetings for them which is what the social media company was doing and if you want to find out how to find these type of people I would grab the course email 10k it goes through in detail but I will cover some of the basics right now look up a product or service that you think is going to generate value google it and reach out to those people with a custom cold email that's the most I can tell you now if you
internalize that you will be able to knock this out so then once you have that affiliate income and once you're selling with that offer then you move to a white label service you take the business that is already working that you've already been generating with affiliates let's say it is the social media company you're selling on affiliates.
Now you create your own brand and sell social media services on a white label the
white label means there's another business out there that sells social media but they'll allow you to use your own branding and your own name to sell their service my only warning here and I've done this before the only thing to look out for here is make sure that the company that you are outsourcing to knows what they're doing and then to make sure that you follow their process step by step as you're onboarding clients one thing that I got into trouble a lot with early on is I

would push deals I'd be like alright your typical rate is 2,000 a month but this client really wants to close it a thousand can we make it happen and I would sell the white label company on doing something outside of the process and 100% of the time that would fail so if this white label company is telling you they sell for two thousand and it needs to be two thousand don't negotiate them don’t talk about the rate at all stick to their process in order to ensure success and test multiple companies at once this is something we also talked about in detail in our course then if you look Back at your journey here's where you are as an entrepreneur what's the best business to start here you go so you started with the affiliates you make it some money you moved it over to a white label and now you're making even more money as a service this is also when you can hire your team and do all that I would recommend highly against that and instead I would create a product digital product around your service meaning if you are doing social media services and you're selling with white label and you have a system that works now package that into a course an online course and sell that and the reason why I say scale digital product is we've sold millions of dollars of services and hundreds of thousands of dollars in courses we have almost made more money off of courses and online products than we have via services when it comes to profit margins and it's because services have a hard cap when it comes to scale if you sell a hundred new people on your service you're going to have to hire at least twenty thirty new people to fulfil that if you sell a hundred new people on a digital product you won't have to hire anyone else there's no system that changes in there and because of that scale digital products are just better for scaling.
I would not start with a digital product because if you sell a digital product and you don't know what you're doing they're gone have a lot of refunds you're goanna have a lot of bad times our course is getting insanely good reviews and it's because we spent three years four years actually learning what to do and learning how to teach it in the right way and building success stories before we launch that's the only reason if we had launched the course four years ago and we did actually we had a course on cold email that launched on Udemy and it didn't have testimonials anywhere close to what ourcurrent email 10k is having and that's the path I would recommend what are the best small businesses to start one start with an affiliate service then move to a white label service then once you have case studies let's say it's a year in move to a digital product if you want more detail on any of that check out the download below it'll break this out in detail and check out our online course email 10k it's got a lot of cool testimonials I'll point up here look at all these success stories that we've got our editors going to hate me for doing that running a cold

email campaign is one of the easiest ways one of the most straightforward ways I've found to get new clients we've used it to match with most of the Fortune 500 for our agency clients and a lot of billion dollar brands with the able to sell we've generated millions of dollars of revenue just from cold email the problem is if you've tried cold email it's not as straightforward and as easy as it looks but luckily we have put together the cold email optimization checklist and you can have it for

free what this is is the internal tool we use to optimize our cold email campaigns this checklist will teach you or your team when to rewrite the subject line when to rewrite the body of the email what to put in the body of the email how to check the email to make sure there's no errors before the sender goes out all of that in a very straightforward checklist and you can have it for free to get it go over to experiment 27 comm slash checklist and you can have that download again the

URL is experiment 27 comm slash checklist those are the best small businesses to start I'm Alex Burman subscribe for more videos like this we do content three times a week all about business and sales and stick around because we've got more for you just watch another video why just watch in one video come on hustle two three four videos a day is what you should be watching alright I'll talk to you later.

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