Hotspots Grow in US Corona Virus Cases - Worldwide 663740 Case Reported

We want to begin right now with the latest headlines the number of cases in the US jumped again overnight with 1600 deaths now the u.s. now has more reported cases than any other country in the world. Nearly 45,000 of those cases are in New York State and some good news for the tens of millions struggling because of coronavirus those relief checks from the federal government could be in your hands in just three weeks. President Trump signing a two trillion dollar relief bill on Friday and some states are resorting to more drastic measures to stop the spread in Rhode Island police are stopping drivers with New York plates telling them to quarantine themselves and Florida's governor is telling people coming to the state from coronavirus hotspots they need to self quarantine, As well our team is covering the story across the country and around the globe this morning we want to begin with NBC's Erin McLaughlin in Los Angeles this morning across the country over a hundred thousand cases more than 1500 dead and an all-out war against Covid 19 We go out there today and we kick coronavirus ass the state of New York now with the grim distinction of being the epicenter of the crisis in the United States Friday the death toll surged from 385 to more than 500 among the lives lost Mount Sinai nurse Caius Kelly. He just had this infectious energy you felt good when he was around Friday night all across the city a show of appreciation for those on the front lines as doctors continue to warn the system's overwhelmed it's like a war zone with we're in a war with very limited resources and a scramble to build makeshift morgues and field hospitals. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo - NBC's Lester Holt I hope this whole facility Lester stays empty and we built it for nothing but you don't believe that's gonna be the case the numbers don't say that's going to be the case in California. It's all hands on deck every minute is a minute loss dire warning from officials Los Angeles is just days away from the kind of crisis engulfing New York this weekend the USNS mercy is expected to open providing much-needed support to non Covid 19 patients as impressive as the ship is it represents only a fraction of the city's needs.
The US leads the world in reported cases with more than 112,000, but five countries exceed its roughly 1,700 deaths: Italy, Spain, China, Iran and France. Italy alone now has 10,023 deaths, the most of any country.
It has 80 ICU beds la officials estimate they need 3,000 new orleans to emerging as a hotspot in the pandemic NBC's Blaine Alexander now with the cases here in Louisiana growing faster than anywhere else in the world the reality is that there are just not enough tests to confirm every case in Miami a mandatory curfew orders to stay off the streets from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. It is growing quickly I mean every time I go into work we have at least a few more case now there's a statewide ban on vacation rentals in addition to a mandatory two-week quarantine for anyone arriving from Louisiana and New York in Rhode Island police stopping cars with New York plates. Right now we have a pinpointed risk that we need to address and we need to be very serious and that risk is called New York City that was NBC's Erin McLaughlin reporting and also this morning hospitals across the country should hopefully be getting more ventilators after President Trump under pressure officially invoked a little-used power of the presidency to get a major automaker to pitch in but that automaker says they were already on it NBC's Kelly O'Donnell is at the White House with very latest on that Kelly good morning to you good morning Kristin despite the president's reluctance early on he is now using the federal government's power to manufacture more ventilators and buy more we're available over the next three months a tight timeline given the number of serious illnesses from coronavirus continues to rise in hotspots around the country.

Now USA has 123,750 Confirmed Cases.

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