Michel Felep the Golden Man Interview Part-1

Michel Felep the Golden Man Interview Part-1

I don't think the gentleman on my right needs a formal introduction but I'll just try and give you some figures which explain why he is so revered venerated in the world of sports and obviously one of the reasons why easier 23 Olympic medals in all 23 of them gold medals he says that they are the only ones which matter talk about the second and third places we only like the gold ones 13 individual events and eight at the Beijing Olympics the highest ever by any athlete just just to kind of put it in perspective 28 medals is what India has won in its Olympic journey over the several decades that's what he's got it's not to kind of demean our effort we've had our issues and we're struggling to become a sporting nation there are at last count 89 other countries which don't measure up to twenty eight medals that Michael Phelps is 1 so that's Michael Phelps for somebody who actually did not like water Michael and you know you would put into the pool because we were just hyperactive as a child I mean I what's the only experience well so I I started in the water strictly for water safety I grew up watching my two older sisters compete and I was always at the pool with them so my mom's just said I need to learn how to swim.
So when I first started getting to the water I didn't want to get my face wet and that's what you have to do to swim so I had to get over that fear and miss Cathy leaders basically put together a program that helped me come or overcome my fear and I think from that moment on it got really fun you know I liked it you know I was able to kind of relax in the water and then I started learning just the basic strokes and and yeah everything turned out so mom wanted to keep you out of mischief value out so that you sleep well in the night well with with ADHD I'm always going always like I can't sit still and my mind is always moving and racing and and so for me to kind of help me relax and and become calm I was playing baseball across soccer and I was swimming so I'd go from the swimming pool to the baseball field to the lacrosse field to the soccer field and then I would go home and sleep so by that time it was good that I was all out of energy.
I wasn't running around the house you're swimming you've started enjoying swimming but what Stokes the desire to become a champion swimmer at some stage you start thinking about hey what am i swimming for where am I headed so I guess my sister was on world championship teams national national teams for the US and and I saw that and she got to travel all over the world and see all these cool places so I was like oh that sounds fun maybe I'll try to do that and then I got with the coach who I spent my whole career with Bob Bowman and he told me that I can make the Olympic team at the age of 11 11 11 years old and so he said in four years you have the potential to make the Olympic team and as an 11 year old kid where that's your dream I said cool let's do it I dropped all the other sports and focused on swimming and for some reason I I trusted him you know I he I guess he showed confidence in me and and that was something that I was like cool let's do this let's go let's see what happens and sure enough four years later in 2000.
I made my first Olympic team and was fifth came back from that pretty pretty disappointed I wanted to come home with a medal not a piece of paper that said I competed yeah so I used that as motivation and and six months after my first Olympics I broke my first world record and then everything else just you were barely 16 well you kind of fully grown physically oh god no no uh-uh I mean I I showed up for the Olympic final and I didn't even tie my suit so I wasn't really ready mentally physically anything it was it was just a new experience for me and and you know I think each Olympics I was able to learn different things that helped me for the next games did you reach this frame you know you 1.93 meters all but you got a wingspan of 2.0 can you kind of just size feet a size 14 Wow so did you feel very awkward when you were growing up and suddenly you're spreading you know this going I mean I guess I was this I've been this size since I was in high school in high like 17 16 17 18 I've been six for about the same weight my whole career yeah and I guess it was it was really just it I guess I I grew into my body I guess you could say and and as you pointed out my my arms or my they definitely help having a wingspan like this is definitely amazing for swimming having shorter legs is good for swimming I'm probably gonna say there are a lot of males out here that have longer legs than me and I'm not kidding that's that's one thing that's really good for being able to move through the water the fastest yeah so all these became your advantage maybe you you know also what what is the regimen that you followed while you were you know in each sleep swim that was literally in each water and how much did you eat eating anything and whatever I wanted it's kind of crazy so I guess for an extended period of time I five or six years I want every single day without missing a single day.
I never got sick I was in the water on Christmas birthday holidays everything it didn't matter and the the thought process behind that was when you take a day off in the sport of swimming it takes you two days to get back to where you were so when somebody is taking off on a Sunday they're not backing back till Tuesday from where they were on Saturday so I have that many days ahead of them I was putting all of that you know we would call it putting it in the bank we were we were storing all of this good work that we were doing this hard work that we were doing continuous hard work and it was going to pay off at some point yeah so you know we just kind of kept grinding so I was swimming probably eighty to a hundred thousand meters a week ten practices a week working out out of the pool three different sessions so core was something that we really worked on a ton of bodyweight stuff yeah I mean it was.
I was I was fully engaged in everything that I was doing and everything around my life was based around the pool you know if I wasn't if something wasn't going to help me in the pool then I wasn't doing it let me just blow you back to the 2000 Olympics you're 15 years old you don't win a medal but you come back inspired you've seen in top yep win a lot of medals he's been he was somebody you idolized true and you've you got this thing that now I must get an Olympic medal it was you know when a lot of athletes might say I've been to the Olympics that's great you know I'll be known as an Olympian.
I wanted to win as many as I could and and you know coming back from from Sydney and like I said getting a piece of paper that said I participated that was all the motivation that I needed you know for me I wanted to win a medal I wanted to stand on top of the podium and hear my national anthem play and and that stuck with me for those four years you know it's it's a hard it's a hard four-year cycle getting ready for an Olympics especially when you don't have a medal you know like that's the only thing you want and you know for me it was it wasn't about really like I mean I guess it wasn't about chasing the metal record or this or that it was doing the best that I could and honestly like I performed and I trained I guess I trained harder than anybody else you know I I was doing things that people dreamt about.
Doing you know in the water training wise or I don't know it was just I was putting myself in a position to have the chance to win a medal so this is obviously the thrill of wanting to win or chasing an Olympic dream but you know it's a very lonely person you especially if you're not in a team sport if you're a swimmer so pangs of loneliness sometimes you felt let me just give it up I mean staring at the black line on the bottom of a swimming pool for three to five hours a day really isn't the most enjoyable thing and it's not the easiest thing to do but you know I think when when you have a goal that's that's important enough to you nothing will stand in your and and that's what it was you know III wanted to accomplish those goals and I was gonna make it happen so you know I mean we're talking about somebody who was maybe 16 at that age to start hungry I was hungry though you know I wanted more but there's a lot of planning and preparation so obviously also mentally gearing towards achieving your targets how much of sport is mental.

x Michel Felep the Golden Man Interview Part-1 x

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