The Past of lockdown Breakers

The second phase of the knock-down has come into effect from April 14, due to the New Delhicorona virus. PM Modi extended the lockdown till May 3 in his address to the nation. After which thousands of migrant labourers gathered at Bandra railway station in Mumbai. These labourers say that they have neither any work nor money, it is becoming very difficult to survive here. That is why these people want to go back to their homes. These people expressed their problems and explained why these people had finally gathered at Bandra railway station. These labourers said that these people are hungry for two days and nobody is asking them. They have neither work nor money. It is very difficult to spend a day in this city without money.

Can live in a village without money not in the city

The artisan SK Moneyul and his three friends, who worked with a fashion designer at Shahpur Jat, had also made their reservations for a train ride in their homes in Howrah district of West Bengal, but after the lockdown was over, the entire plan was over. "We have exhausted our savings and only 2-3 days of food is left," he explained. Nobody is ready to give us dry ration on credit. Manirul said, 0 "It is easy to live in a village without money, not in the city.

I don't want food just send home

Shahdat Ansari spent the last three weeks in a small room with four others in the Khirki extension of South Delhi. After April 14, he was hopeful that the lockdown would open, all of them would be able to go to Madhubani district of Bihar, but the expansion of the lockdown made these people frustrated. "I have been disturbed because of being imprisoned in Kamle," says Shahdat. I don't want food, I just want to go back to my village with my family. Shahdat says that more than 2,000 migrant labourers have been rented out rooms in Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal and Odisha. Ansari and almost all the people living there have not earned even a single rupee after the lockout from March 25. Some tried to go out to their villages in the last week of March, but the police forced them to retreat in haste. They have been locked in their rooms since then, sleeping or watching videos on their mobile phones and giving emotional support to each other.

6 May to 8 may so many people in the room

Randeep Senapati, Dymanta Deaf, Sushant Shetty, Prasjit Senapati and Sitaram Behera are all staying in a Mumbai area. Live in a room. The measurement of this room is 6 Bai 8. Hardly two to three men can do it, but so many people are living in the same room. Their discomfort is easily visible on their faces. These people are suffering because of the heat. Randeep said that before bedtime, these people put their bags on top of them to place them in the room. All these people are from Odisha. After the lockdown, they do not have any work, these people are the people who are eating daily wages. These people sent money to their families and saved some money. So far, all that is over. These people want to go back to their villages so that they can eat at least.

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