WHO's advice-restrictions to be more cautious ( पाबंदियां हटाने वाले देश ज्यादा सतर्क रहें )

  • Dr Mike Rayon, head of WHO's emergency program, says better surveillance needed to prevent virus from spreading again.
  • Who director Dr. Tedros Gebruyesus says it is effective weapon to prevent infection by adopting preventive measures until the vaccine is formed.

HQ W.H.O Geneva Switzerland : Many countries in the world have begun to remove restrictions imposed due to corona. The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked such countries to be more vigilant. Dr. A.K. Singh, head of the WHO's emergency program, said: "I don't have to do so "Now we see some hope," Mike Rayon said on Monday. Many countries in the world are removing the lockdown, but there is a need to be more careful about it.

"If the disease is present in low levels and does not have the ability to identify its clusters, there is always a risk of re-spread of the virus," he said. It may be dangerous for countries which are removing the restrictions despite not having the capacity to prevent large-scale infections. ''

Better surveillance key to preventing the spread of the virus again : I hope Germany and South Korea will be able to identify new clusters, "Rayon said. The infection has spread again after the lockdown was removed in both the countries. Rayon appreciated the monitoring arrangements of the two countries. said that better surveillance is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading again. Let us put forward the example of countries which are opening their eyes and are willing to remove the restrictions. There are also some countries that are trying to avoid this disease.

Removing the restrictions difficult and hard: Gebruyes : Who director Dr. Tedros Gebruyes said that it is difficult and difficult to remove the restrictions. If it is gradually and continuously removed, it will save lives and jobs. Countries like Germany, South Korea and China, which are observing the second wave of infection, have all the systems to deal with. Unless the vaccine is available, it is the effective weapon to deal with the virus by adopting preventive measures.

81 people gasped in one day; Maharashtra has lost the highest number of 868 lives : The death toll in the country due to corona infection has gone up to 2294. On Monday, 81 infected succumbed. The death toll in Gujarat has crossed 500. On May 10 and 11, 193 people have died. 
Even after all the efforts in Maharashtra, the infection is increasing. On Monday, 36 infected patients died in the state. Of these, 20 in Mumbai, 5 in Solapur, 3 in Pune, two in Thane and one each from Amravati, Aurangabad, Nanded, Ratnagiri and Wardha were killed. The deceased are 23 men and 13 women. By mixing it up, 868 people have lost their lives in the state so far. Thereafter, 20 people lost their lives in Gujarat. 6-6 people were killed in Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and 5-5 in Rajasthan and West Bengal. Uttar Pradesh 1-1 deaths occurred in Jammu and Kashmir and Haryana.

Many countries allowonline delivery : The founder and CEO of Beer Cafe, Rahul Singh said that liquor in India is sold through three ways retail, Horeka (hotels, restaurants and catering) and canteen stores. The number of licensed locations across the country (hotels, restaurants and catering) is close to 30,000. The lockdown has led to a stock of at least Rs. 3, 000 crore at various outlets across the country. Our appeal to the State Governments is to allow us to sell stocks temporarily. Many countries have done it, it is possible in India also.
WHO's advice-restrictions to be more cautious ( पाबंदियां हटाने वाले देश ज्यादा सतर्क रहें ) WHO's advice-restrictions to be more cautious ( पाबंदियां हटाने वाले देश ज्यादा सतर्क रहें ) Reviewed by nwoyepacinho on May 11, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. Some Said it will be risky to uplift the Lockdown too early.
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